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An Absolute Secret

Stortorget Square, Stockholm, 1945.

"In a side street, Peter waited near the car with Evdokia dressed in a grey raincoat. Her head was covered with a black cloth bag. A car stopped on the opposite side of the square. Two men emerged. Peter recognized one of them as the NKVD head of station, Major Vladimir Petrov, in a business suit and a fedora. He led the way, followed by a second man wearing a workman’s cap over his white hair. The hand-off was to happen in the middle of the square. Evdokia stumbled badly on the cobblestones in her heels as Peter brought up his Webley revolver to show the Russians he was taking no chances.

“Mr Faye. Thank you so much for bringing my wife,” Vladimir said. “Why have you put a bag on her head?”

“To shut the bitch up, Mr Petrov.”

“Ha, ha. You have a sense of humour. You don’t intend to shoot her, do you?”

“Maybe I will, Mr Petrov. Is this your man Sasha?”

“Yes, this is Sasha from Moscow.”

“You will not live long, Mr Faye,” Sasha said. “Your friend Bernie Dixon screamed like a pig. We do the same to you.”

From the bestselling author of Playing Rudolf Hess, Shipwrecked Lives, Remembrance Man and White Slaves comes this brilliantly imagined spy thriller set in wartime Sweden. On his first assignment for MI6, British agent Peter Faye is sent to Stockholm to spy on German intelligence officer Karl-Heinz Kramer. At the British legation, he meets his new boss Bridget, a very proper, smart-as-a-whip, diplomat's daughter and immediately falls in love with her. They recruit an Austrian maid, Hanne, who works in the Kramer household. Hanne makes copies the key to Kramer's desk drawer and delivers secret documents to Peter and his driver Bernie who photograph them in a shed nearby. The documents are so sensitive they cause a huge commotion in London. With the help of a Swedish journalist, Peter discovers a network of Soviet moles working in British Intelligence and becomes the target of Soviet NKVD terror tactics. ​​​An intelligent spy story in the genre John le Carré based on the wartime experience of SIS officer Peter Falk (Faye), SOE officer Ewan Butler, British Legation Chief Victor Mallet and German Abwehr officer Karl-Heinz Kramer. An espionage and spy thriller set in Sweden, based on a true story about an MI6 agent in Sweden.

Reader reviews:

​​​​​​​"An Absolute Secret’ hit the spot for me, an immediate grab from the start then a perfect, gradual immersion into the brilliantly researched story. I have read just about everything written by John le Carré, Len Deighton, Charles Beaumont and Mick Herron so I am not an easy reader to please; the bar has been set pretty high. Nicholas Kinsey has written a book that will comfortably sit along with the best writers of this genre. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can wholeheartedly recommend it." BookSirens.


"Enjoyed this book because it's a fast read and a pretty strong plot. Additionally, it was based on the actual facts of Sweden in World War II. The major strength was the characters, and therefore it strengthened the plot because I became more focused on the story because of my intense interest in the characters. This is a good book and I give a high recommendation." BookSirens.

​​​​​​​"A remarkable story with a Canadian connection." Susan Campbell, CBC Radio.

"I really enjoyed reading this wartime spy thriller, set in Sweden. Looking forward to reading more from this great author in the future." Goodreads.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"I bought this book as I am very interested in WWII history. I was not disappointed. Kinsey has written an exciting, fast-paced espionage thriller set in wartime Sweden. It is well written, and I was immediately caught up in the story finding it extremely difficult to put down. It is based on actual wartime stories and is a haunting account of those dangerous and difficult times. Well done! I plan to read more by this author." Amazon.