White Slaves



PRESS RELEASE - July 13, 2023

"Raw, emotional and gripping are the best words for me to describe it. It was one of those "just one more chapter" scenarios at two o'clock in the morning." Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, 5 stars

A wonderful read!" Shonna Froebel, Canadian Bookworm, 5 stars

"The Barbary Slave trade and in particular the kidnapping of almost an entire village, Baltimore, Ireland in the 1600s is covered so well in this historical novel.The book is fast paced, it starts with action and then every page has another aspect that draws the reader in. I very nearly read the whole book in one sitting." Goodreads, 4.5 stars

"An amazing book, so well written. I never realised the extent of slavery, whole villages taken from the coasts of Ireland and south coast of England." Amazon/Goodreads/B&N 5 stars

"A skillfully rendered fictional account of an obscure but fascinating slice of history." Kirkus Reviews, June 2023

"White Slaves" is out in ebook & paperback print versions on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Google Play books, etc. and garnering extraordinary praise from readers.

"I would like to thank my readers for their praise for White Slaves," says the author. "The "Sack of Baltimore" is the most amazing story of the 17th century. 109 men, women and children were spirited away from the shores of Ireland down the coast of France and Spain to a life of slavery in Algiers. I was just as awestruck as you were when I first heard this story and writing the novel became a labour of love. Thank you all for your comments."
You can read an interview with the author Nicholas Kinsey with this link.

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