Nicholas Kinsey, novelist and filmmaker


Nicholas has given numerous conferences and lectures on historical subjects and documentaries over the years. He has appeared on CBC radio, TTN-PLLive, Silverwave Festival, etc.

To inquire about his availability, call 418-652-3345 or email:

Online conferences

In 2021, Nicholas is again offering historical book conferences online. One-hour conferences with the author and filmmaker provide opportunities for growth and intellectual stimulation for seniors and young people. These entertaining conferences with their Q&A's promote the exchange of ideas and the inclusive participation of subscribers.


Q: How can I contact Nicholas Kinsey?
A: Send an email to:

Q: I would like to book Nicholas Kinsey for a speaking engagement or for an interview, whom should I contact?
A: Please address speaking inquiries to:
Cinegrafica Films Inc.,
820 Rougemont, Québec,
QC G1X 2M5
phone: 418-652-3345 or email:

Q: I would like to adapt one of Kinsey’s novels as a film or translate one of his novels, whom should I contact?
A: Please address film inquiries to Cinegrafica Films Inc

Hudson documentary presentation - Morrin Center

Shipwrecked Lives book tour in Ottawa on Oct 16 2019 - Canadian Nordic Society