Nicholas Kinsey 

Novelist and filmmaker


Interview with Nicholas Kinsey on his new novel An Absolute Secret and the leaked documents from the Quebec Conference in 1943.

CBC Radio One - Quebec AM

December 19th 2017

Book Launches

Shipwrecked Lives

Nicholas Kinsey

Booklocker, 340 pages, Sept 2018

Available now in paperback or ebook from


“From the very first lines, Kinsey skilfully crafts his novel. We are drawn into the lives of the individuals on the Empress, passengers confused and frightened when loud blasts of the ship’s whistle sound and the ship begins to list, then rapidly sink. He weaves the story between the disaster itself and what follows with the survivors in a courtroom as lawyers and witnesses try to unravel the cause of the collision... Kinsey has written a historical novel that is impossible to put down. I found that the transitions from survivor story to courtroom events held my interest from start to finish.”

Rosalie Grosch, Norwegian American Journal


Nicholas Kinsey

Booklocker, 382 pages, Nov 2017

Available now in paperback or ebook from

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 Book podcast:


Nicholas Kinsey

Booklocker, 318 pages, Jan 2017

Available now in paperback or ebook from

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Shipwrecked Lives

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An Absolute Secret

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"I really enjoyed reading this war time spy thriller, set in Sweden. Looking forward to reading more from this great author in the future." 4 stars, Goodreads Feb. 18, 2018

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Playing Rudolf Hess

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Playing Rudolf Hess makes history come alive like a thriller:
"Perhaps I'm a history fan - and definitely a lover of intelligent thrillers - so "Playing Rudolf Hess" captures both my likes. What's best is that it is a very enjoyable read, one that gets you inside the story/history without bogging down as many such books do. Instead, you are caught up in the drama that was real-life life or death for Britain, with author Nicholas Kinsey intelligently filling-in those gaps where only some speculation can find room (since the historical records have kept so much of it in the dark)."
5-stars, R.C.Fleet, Amazon March 24, 2017

Must read, forgotten WWII story:
"An interesting read about an amazing, largely forgotten story of World War II. Hard to believe the story isn't more well known. Worth the purchase!"
5 stars, Amazon, Feb. 2, 2017