Nicholas Kinsey, novelist and filmmaker


A prolific and multi-talented film director and producer, Nicholas Kinsey has been a successful screenwriter, director of photography, scriptwriter, and film editor over a long career.

Driven by a lifelong passion for historical fiction, Nicholas Kinsey has turned several of his television drama screenplays into novels. The advantage of writing a novel based on film or television drama is that the stories must be fast paced and never boring. The subject must also appeal to a wider audience. So his novels are always easy to read but hard to put down. He has published three historical novels including “Playing Rudolf Hess”, “An Absolute Secret” and “Shipwrecked Lives”.

As a screenwriter Nicholas has written some 20 feature and television drama screenplays over a long career so working on novels was an interesting experience for the author. Nicholas wrote and directed five feature films over a long career: “Short Change”, “Women Without Wings”, “Killing Ruth - the Snuff Dialogues”, “Leatha Acidents” and “Tree Line”. His film were shown in numerous film festivals around the world. He produced, photographed and edited 8 motion pictures and some 500 documentaries and videos.

Nicholas is a Canadian of English origin (dual citizenship), born in Ontario and raised in England. He lives in Quebec City, Canada and speaks French and some German which he learned as a student in Germany.