An Absolute Secret is out in paperback on Amazon. For some reason it costs $44 in Canada and $19 in the US. I am expecting Amazon to correct this shortly. The ebooks will be available in the first week of December. Meanwhile we are going ahead with a special promotion on KDP Selection (Kindle on Amazon) for Playing Rudolf Hess which will be exclusive to Kindle for 90 days and linked to An Absolute Secret.

I will be doing a special Canadian promotion of AAS at various venues in Quebec (Morrin Centre, etc.) in December and January. Here is the scoop on our headline story:


Did you know that the secret memorandum of the first Quebec Conference between Churchill, Roosevelt and King, which took place in Quebec City from Aug. 17- 24, 1943, was leaked to a German spy within a few weeks of the event?

In his new novel “An Absolute Secret” (Booklocker, 373 pages), filmmaker and novelist Nicholas Kinsey (Playing Rudolf Hess) of Quebec City tells the story of how a British intelligence officer in Stockholm discovered the rough drafts and secret memoranda from the private discussions of Roosevelt and Churchill within weeks of the event. Who leaked the documents? How did they get into the hands of a German spy in Stockholm?

Mackenzie King, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and the Earl of Athlone at La Citadelle

We expect the national news media to pick up the story about this fascinating historical anomaly.

The year is coming to an end. It’s been a very busy year for me as a writer, painter, teacher and videographer. Yes, I work a 40-hour week to make a living just like the average working stiff. In my case it is a mix of house painting, ESL teaching, shooting video and film production. In between, that is evenings and weekends I get to write novels.

Next time we will talk about my upcoming novel Shipwrecked Lives and Remembrance Man, my third and fourth novels respectively which will be out next year.

And with this I wish you all a very pleasant week.


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