28 – NEW WORK IN 2020

This year I will be finishing up my new novel Remembrance Man by the end of January and will be working on a new script financed by the Canadian Media Fund. Thank you very much. It is not often I get paid to write.

In this case the script is entitled: Johnny Reb in Montreal. It tells the story of thirteen Confederate soldiers who go on trial in a Montreal courtroom in 1864, facing charges ranging from robbery and arson to homicide and threaten plans for the new Dominion of Canada. Some of you may have heard of the St. Alban’s attack. This is the story of the attack and the courtroom drama. I am a fast writer and I should complete a first draft sometime around next summer.

I am presently completing my book tour presentation for “Shipwrecked Lives” and will be in Ottawa on Oct. 16 before the Canadian Nordic Society. Working on the presentation, it is amazing how technology has been extremely useful with some exception in protecting us from collisions at sea. You may remember the US Navy ships, the SS Fitzgerald and the SS McCain, who trashed their ships in maritime accidents in 2017 that could have been avoided.

USS Fitzgerald wreck

The American 7th fleet should really be called the ‘disaster fleet’ due to the incompetence and lack of training of their officers and technicians. The ships are under-manned and the training are lacking on these hugely expensive vessels. Trump threatened an attack on North Korea back in 2017, but I doubt the 7th fleet would have been very useful,  a bit like sending the Keystone Cops to attack a highly militarized enemy.

I am back from the FIN Partners meetings in Halifax last week where I met a lot of producers and broadcasters interested in my project “An Absolute Secret.” Two solid days of meetings and buzz sessions. The co-production is advancing slowly, but it looks like it will be a three way co-pro with foreign partners.

Have a nice week.

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