You may have noticed the book review by Rosalie Grosch about “Shipwrecked Lives” which was published recently in the Norwegian American journal (www.norwegianamerican.com). Here it is a quote from her:

From the very first lines, Kinsey skillfully crafts his novel. We are drawn into the lives of the individuals on the Empress, passengers confused and frightened when loud blasts of the ship’s whistle sound and the ship begins to list, then rapidly sink. He weaves the story between the disaster itself and what follows with the survivors in a courtroom as lawyers and witnesses try to unravel the cause of the collision… Kinsey has written a historical novel that is impossible to put down. I found that the transitions from survivor story to courtroom events held my interest from start to finish.

I was recently invited by the Canadian Nordic Society in Ottawa to give a lecture on “Shipwrecked Lives” and do a book signing in the fall. This year I have decided to be more active promoting my books and am putting together several book tours for “An Absolute Secret” and “Shipwrecked Lives”. I am planning on doing author events in libraries, schools and book shops across Quebec and in Ontario and New England starting in the fall.

Since I am involved in historical fiction, readers are interested in the real events and want to learn more about them. So a large part of my lectures are devoted to telling the true story behind the novel and less about the writer’s experience of putting everything on paper.

I hope you all have a pleasant week. Here’s a picture of yours truly and my little granddaughter Elisabeth.

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